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Backlinking in Search Engine Optimization

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

At the present era of web surfing there is thing that people want to visit for the right platform for better result. We see that, there are several websites which includes backlink that are about promoting business for the better solution. Backlink is a part of Search Engine Optimisation.

Definition: #Backlink is a hyperlink that create new web page when you click on it. Backlink can be in the form of an image, text and link text. Backlinking is a major trend for the business to make an effective reach from internet sources. It helps to identify an easy way to make traffic on #business website/URL.

People surfing on the internet about there needs and requirements, such a backlink make them easier way to find out particular thing. As well as for the business perspective to find out an approx customer base, backlink are effective source to get reach towards the customer.

Better back link campaign  - There is always need to be plan according to the goal and objective. This is an online marketing where the SEO professionals want to be achieved as per the scheduled targets. Identification of asset such as Data, Content, Products, Service, Community etc. Links come from many sides such links to your homepage, deep linking, brand linking, list that contains target keywords. From social links there can be possible outcome represented - example there are links that are shared and seen by large number of people. #Quality, Quantity and Relevance of backlink is important for better outcome.

Dofollow and  Nofollow

  • Dofollow which have no attribute applied to them and used by google in their ranking algorithm.

  • Nofollow Google not use that link when measuring the trust and authority of the page.

Types of Backlinks

Natural Link

Editorial links are basically links that other people have made to your site on their own, out of their own choice, thus the word editorial being used.

Manual Link

Manual link building involves reaching out to the owners of websites or #blog writers and asking to be linked by them.

Looking for your people -

To make an effective backlink towards customer big task is to identify people who are looking for our company product/service. Hence the process to make impact for these process there several source identification such as look people by interesting news, humour/funny, controversial, data visualisation, competition etc. These are hooks to find out people for the business. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin where people spend time, By this we can identify the specific interest of people.

In to backlinking for people and enterprises the process is equivalent objective such to make an early need/requirement satisfaction.  In current digital marketing scenario backlinking is a major aspect towards #SEO.

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